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This is our website http://victoriancreations.co.uk

Simply put, we are passionate about bringing old antique Victorian fireplaces back to life and we can do them where they are. So no need to go through the hassle of getting it sent to a workshop and re fitted afterwards.

You will find these transformations are quite dramatic and your fireplace will become an outstanding dominant feature in your home. You will be amazed at the thought that it has been there all along wasting its full potential, and we even know a lady who took her fireplace with her when she sold her house 🙂

Who we are and what we can do

This fireplace restoration service is part of Ceramico tiling and it is limited to aesthetic fireplace rejuvenation. We cant undertake structural repairs or create working fireplaces with gas parts etc. However we can replace missing parts such as grates and front bars etc.

We are based in Hertfordshire but work all over London. We currently undertake specialist tiling and Victorian tile restoration and whilst on a job a lady asked us if we could do anything with her old fireplace!

We began removing the paint (a full black refuse sack).And as we progressed the detail just began to jump out at us!  We polished it, tiled it, repaired and blackened the internal cement part and needless to say the result was simply stunning! She was also very happy to get this restoration work done without having to rip her fireplace out the wall and send it to a workshop for sandblasting.

We believe you will be amazed at the detail your fireplace holds that you never even knew about.

So get in touch today, we cover all of London Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. You will see our pricing is ressonable as well.

Victorian fireplace restoration services in London | Restore your antique iron fireplace