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Due to the fact that these are done while they are in the wall there is unfortunately no easy way to do then. They are very labor intensive and so it can take up to 2 days just to remove the paint from a standard fireplace .There will also be a few materials to pay for as well usually around the £50 mark. We find a standard sized fireplace that just needs paint removed/polishing and the inside cement part repaired/blackened will cost £330-350. Then to retile or create a hearth possibly another £140 or so.

The fireplace below is quite small so only took us 1 and a half days. £260 for (labour and materials) Then to add a tiled hearth up to another day on the job.

Our rates

(First 2 days) £150 per day

(Materials) £50 

In the end with the dramatic before and after effect we believe this is a small price to pay.



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