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Recent projects

niceThis Victorian Fireplace was ┬árestored in North West London. It is in the classic art Nouveau style as shown in the curving lines and inclination towards “elements in nature” that are often used in the design.

This one was done “in the wall” and ┬áthere was a staggering amount of paint that came off, at least a 3/4 of a black refuse bag or a good couple of kilograms in weight.

Initially I had tiled this fireplace with the clients new “old style” tiles and then she decided to go ahead with the fireplace restoration as well. So needless to say it was tricky not to damage them. The only problem we encountered was that the client was not ready for such a dramatic befor and after effect. She said it completely

In the image below you will see the detail contained especially in the hood area. Needless to say that was completely covered in with paint. Scroll down to see the before picture.