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image2993Just some info about these old antique fireplaces that you may find interesting.

1819 – 22 January 1901 (Victorians)

Before the Victorians fireplaces were merely a tool with little ornamental value. It was only with with the arrival of the Victorians that the fireplace transformed from a mere cooking and heating instrument to a visual feature that was taught to ad a “cozy ambiance to a room”.

The Victorians were the first to practice mass consumerism and the emphasis was on wealth and displaying it. So these old fireplaces got bigger and grander. They became higher and more detailed to visually achieve this mindset. The fireplace mantle became wider to accommodate ornaments, and one would typically find the fireplaces got smaller and more simplistic depending on the importance of the room they were situated in. For example the main entrance -sitting room had the most image2993attractive  fireplace whilst the servants quarters would likely have a very basic design.

Within the Victorian fireplace there are also sometimes features that are representative of  styles of art that were present at that time. Gothic features can be seen allot in many Victorian fireplaces. On the right you can see a typical Victorian fireplace above and one below  that has Gothic features

1901 to 1910 (Edwardian)

During the Edwardian period there was a heavy influence of Art Nouveau that origionated in france and was most present during the years 1890-1910. This style focused heavily on nature and natural curves such as those found in plants and flowers. Please see the image below for a good example of what I am on about.