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Victorian fireplace Tiling and replacing them

image-fireplace-tileJust a little on the subject of your Victorian or Edwardian tiles for your fireplace.

As professional tilers undertaking all kinds of old tiling we have seen quite a few tiled fireplaces and have a few thaughts on the matter.

Restoring them

Fireplaces are usually tiled in a glazed ceramic tile. We are able to polish up the glaze again, but we are not able to do anything about the discoloration of the tile. Many clients who opt for replacing the tiles feel that they just looked too tired. Victorian geometric floor tiles on the other hand are 100% clay which allows us to strip off sealers and deep clean them. We can then bring back their color with color enhancers.

Replacing fireplace tiling

Sometimes we see truly beautiful tiling on the fireplaces we restore. These tiles are usually worn and there may be a damaged one or two, but on the whole it seems wrong to replace them completely. We would recommend obtaining a best match from specialist tile suppliers for a damaged one here and there. Please see Original Syles Victorian wall tile collection¬†for a stunning range. Be warned though these tiles don’t come cheap!

Fireplace Hearths

image3004Many of the fireplace hearths we encounter are very dated and sometimes the stone is just plain ugly! We are able to break out a hearth and build up the level to replace it with tiles, like in the image on the right where we raised the level by 3 centimeters.

There is also the option to install brand new slate or other stone but again this can be costly.