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Victorian tiling

SAM_0649We are also very experienced tilers and can undertake Victorian tiling and restoration of  mosaic floors.

Victorian tiling can truly be something fantastic within ones home. When we install a new Victorian tiled floor there is always such a positive reaction from the client. This is because they are simply stunning and given the detail and effect a restored fireplace has, one cant help but feel those Victorians had style and good taste. The more one works with elements of Victorian furniture and materials the more one realizes the poor quality of the “flat pack” Ikea type furniture available today!


We are able to remove waxes and sealer built up over the years and then deep clean the tiles. Afterwards we apply substantial quantities of color enhancing sealers that bring the floor back to life. We are also able to replace damaged tiles with modern equivalents.


New Installations

Our new Victorian floors are near perfect. We get the floors perfectly flat and can lay the tiles with absolute precision without a visible grout line. When we are done you will be able to rub your hand over a surface free from ridges and we will give you a 5 year guarantee on longevity.